Gut Renovation Contractor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY

If you have been considering hiring a gut renovation contractor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY . If you may be starting to come to grips with the seemingly unending details of a complex house remodel. Or if you are looking to renovate a large commercial space and the project must be completed quickly. Then hopefully we will be able to help you by giving you some valuable information and helpful tips as you move along on this interesting journey. 


You don’t have to be nervous, scared or intimidated by any upcoming major home or work-place renovations. That’s because George, at Picasso Expert Renovations, right here in Brooklyn, has been making major home remodeling projects relatively easy for his clients in the Sunset Park area for over 10 years.


At Picasso Expert Renovations, we have been holding our client’s hands and guiding them through complex renovations for so long that what clients see as major challenges, are just bumps in the road for us. Let us give you a no obligation consultation and review your situation. Call George at 347-276-201 and schedule your free consultation now

What's the best strategy for finding a renovation contractor ?

If you are looking for renovation contractors, you’re probably focusing on well-established builders—and that’s a good thing. But it’s also important to find a contractor with an A+ reputation. There are two ways to safely locate a competent gut rehab specialist:


Talk with your friends and associates and ask if they have recently had some remodeling work done. If the answer is “yes” then question them as to the scope of the work. If their work project was similar to what your project might be then follow up with questions about the skill and reliability of their contractor.


The second, and probably the best, method of finding a reliable remodeler is to go to Angie’s List and look over the remodeling contractor reviews. These testimonials are only allowed from real, verified customers. They can’t be faked. If you would like to do a Commercial gut renovation in Sunset Park you can find a verified Angie’s List subscriber from Brooklyn who has left a review for such a project. If you would like to do a Townhouse gut remodel in Brooklyn, then you can find verified subscribers who have left reviews for similar projects. Looking for a Full House remodeler in Sunset Park then go to Angie’s List  and check the reviews.


 Picasso Expert Renovations has over 140 “A” rated Testimonials on Angie’s List. You don’t have to believe us when we tell you we do great work. Read our customer reviews and then talk with them about how their project went. Our happy Brooklyn remodeling clients are our best advertising!

Does Picasso Expert Renovations only do gut renovations ?

Although we are famous for our fast and excellent gut
renovation work, we actually can do a speedy and accurate job with any type of
construction and remodeling. The work projects we’ve completed vary quite a bit
in size as well as complexity.

We’ve successfully completed simple Attic remodels to
Garage remodels to Commercial Office renovations to 100 year old Victorian full
gut renovations. However, Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling and renovations are
our bread and butter 
services that we offer.

A partial listing of our past projects would include
the following:

Kitchen Remodels & Renovations

Bathroom Remodels & Renovations

Commercial Office Space Remodels & Renovations

Attic Remodels & Renovations

Basement Remodels & Renovations

Full House Renovations

Full House Remodels

Garage Renovations

Duplex Gut Renovations

Townhouse Gut Renovations

Victorian Remodels

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What area of Sunset Park,Brooklyn is suitable for renovation ?

Picasso Expert Renovations has completed renovation projects in all parts of Sunset Park. The remodels have ranged from two story row houses to commercial projects on the waterfront. Sunset Park is considered one of Brooklyn’s up and coming neighborhoods that is still affordable. 

Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY is broken up into two zip codes: 11220 and 11232. 11220 has a very large population density (100,000) and is mainly Asian with much of the population ranging from the late 20’s to early 40’s. 11232 has a population of about 30,000 and is primarily white with most of that population also in the 20’s to mid 40’s age range. 

Most of  the homes in Sunset Park are made of brick, however there are a substantial number of brownstone, limestone and sandstone  two-story row houses. These were built mainly between the mid 1880’s and 1910 and were designed to be less expensive versions of  the exclusive five story townhouses  you would  find in neighborhoods like Park Slope and Carroll Gardens .

The common two story bay row houses were generally used as two family homes for Brooklyn’s growing middle class. The better row houses had elevated basements that were on the ground level. The first floor was a single unit and the second floor was another unit.

From :  “Although many row houses have shed internal architectural elements of the era, they continue to encompass a substantial swath of the residential stock between Fourth and Sixth Avenues south of 40th Street. However, brown-stone rows exist as far north as 420-424 36th Street and as far east as 662 56th Street, while several bayed brick rows (notably exemplified by 240-260 45th Street) are situated south of Fourth Avenue, where wood frame and frame-brick houses dating from the earliest development in the area remain prevalent. While these houses retained their polychrome facades and other Victorian-era design flourishes (akin to the painted ladies” of San Francisco) as late as 1940, most have been clad in vinyl siding and Formstone for decades.” 

Industry City is located on the waterfront and contains over six million square feet of retail and light manufacturing space. It contains spaces for shipping, warehousing, manufacturing and retail. 

Along with Industry City there are a number of other light industrial areas on the riverside of Sunset Park. Picasso Expert Renovations has completed projects in many of these areas.

Renovation construction cost in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

It’s been our experience that when working with a renovation contractor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY, the costs range from $100 a sq. ft. to $300 a sq. ft. Seldom do full house renovations in Sunset Park reach the $300 per sq. ft. level like they sometimes can in Park Slope. However, we’ve found every project to be a little unique, in its own way. So, to eliminate any guessing, you can connect with George at  for a free custom no obligation estimate.

Here’s a ballpark breakdown of what you should expect to pay in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Picasso’s price may be, more-or-less, depending on the project.

How do you want your home “finished”? If your answer is “stock materials” then you will be saving money. If you prefer “custom materials & finishes” then you could be entering the $200+ price range.

Remodeling materials and fixtures will usually come in four different grades. The most common are the (1.) “builder” and (2.) “quality” grades. “Stock” grade and “builder” grades are essentially the same thing. (3) “Custom” and (4.) “ultra-custom” will usually require a much larger budget than a stock budget.

George can show you examples of builder’s grades and custom grades so that you can compare and decide which grade would be the best for your budget and satisfaction. He will also give you suggestions of where you could possibly cut corners and still have the renovation of your dreams.

Let’s take an example of builder’s grade carpet, which one can expect to last 5 to 6 years and compare that to a more expensive high-quality carpet which one could expect to last for 15 years.


If you are placing carpet in a basement rec room area that will be a children’s play space, then George might suggest going with the cheaper builder’s grade. 

And as another example, he may be able to show you some kitchen cabinets that are priced at builder’s grade but to the average person, appear to be custom quality. 

We’ve been helping clients select furnishings, fixtures and finishes for over 12 years. We have established some secret, and some not so secret, sources that we would be happy to share with you so that your project stays on budget. 

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Will your renovation contractor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY perform fast, quality work?

If you get several bids for your Sunset Park renovation project you will notice a wide range of prices from the various contractors. When you take a close look you will usually find that the cheapest bids are scheduled to take the longest time. 

So, the question for you is, How fast do I want my renovation crew “done & gone” ? Our clients will frequently share with us the job time estimates from the other bids and it’s no surprise to us when we see that the longest time estimates are the cheapest bids. 

This means that you can often save money by going with the slower renovation crew. If you feel like the cheapest price is worth having a remodeling crew at your home for sometimes months, as compared to weeks, then definitely go with the cheaper, slower outfit.  

Why are some renovation crews fast and others slow? Now that’s a million dollar question! The usual reason for a slow completion is that the company is sending its crews all over Brooklyn, working more than one project at a time. The larger companies will frequently do this..pulling guys off of your job to either help start or finish another job.  

George, and his Picasso Expert Renovations crew, doesn’t believe in splitting up the team. They will work six days a week or sometimes even seven, depending on the urgency, in order to complete the work in the promised amount of time. 

It’s very nice when you can find a renovation contractor in Sunset Park who is both fast and good. George believes this combination is the key to his success. Picasso has 140 “A” reviews on Angie’s List that are proof of this winning formula. 

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Here are some facts & neighborhood resources for Sunset Park

“Multicultural Sunset Park is known for both a booming Chinatown, with noodle shops and dim sum spots, and a diverse Latino community. From a leafy hilltop, the namesake park offers Statue of Liberty views, while pastoral Green-Wood Cemetery is permanent home to famous New Yorkers. On the waterfront, the Industry City
warehouse complex houses creative industries and draws locals for casual artisanal eats and spirits.” Source: 

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Nearby Sunset Park Places of Interest

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Green-Wood cemetery

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