Full Gut Renovations Construction

If you are a homeowner in Brooklyn you may eventually have to decide if your property needs a simple remodel, a gut renovations construction or possibly a “tear down” with new construction. 

As JBA Consulting Engineers point out, there are many points to consider before you make that final decision. We’ll assume you’ve done your homework and you’ve decided that a gut renovations construction is the correct decision for your circumstances.

Advantages of Full Gut Renovations Construction

It will give you a clean slate when you remove everything but the skeleton of the property. This could allow you to possibly knock out some interior walls and completely change your floor plan.

The design and flow of your new, more modern space can be an enormous transformation that allows you to make the most of your square footage and allows you to add your own personalty and character to the property. 

And finally, when you decide to sell your property, you will have greatly increased its value and you will have proof, for the buyer, that you are selling, basically, a new home with new plumbing, wiring, heating and free of typical old home defects.

Some Common Full Gut Renovation Problems

Let us pretend your family is living in your mother-in-law’s basement while your home is receiving a full gut renovation. During this “camping out” period these following issues all have nightmare potential. 

1.Sloppy Workmanship. You didn’t sign up to ride heard on your contractor, multiple days a week, just to make sure everything is “done right”.

2.Endless Delays. The last thing you want to hear from your contractor is, because of this or that problem, your family will have to spend another month at Motel 6….or possibly worse…in your mother-in-law’s basement.

3.Ever Growing Bills. Just when you thought you had a “firm’ bid you begin to experience “little” cost overruns that are threatening to seriously break your budget.

4.The Disappearing Contractor. Who would have thought your contractor would be attempting to do several renovations at the same time with a limited crew. It happens…more often then you would think.

Why George at Picasso Expert Renovations is Unique

George is an experienced gut renovation contractor who has an experienced crew who have been with him for years and who specialize in gut renovations.  This allows him to finish complicated, three story,  full home renovations in weeks rather than months.

George will stick to your budget and there will be no surprises.

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