25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

Top 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

From $50 to $5,000

If you are considering renovating your bathroom then these top 25 bath remodeling ideas should be quite useful and time saving.

CUSTOM TILE. Bathrooms and tile go hand-in-hand. No material is really better suited to a bathroom than tile, it’s highly economical and versatile, the designs that can be achieved are limitless. We install tile for new floors, counter tops, wainscoting on walls, jetted tub decks and of course for bathtub and shower surrounds. By dealing with the manufacturers instead of middlemen retailers we have access to unlimited varieties and colors.

NEW CABINETRY / VANITIES. A new bathroom vanity is an important item for modernizing a bathroom.  Oak, maple, cherry, hickory and walnut are just a few of the woods you can choose from. There are an infinite variety of styles to choose from. From plain to very intricate, whatever you taste there are vanities available for everyone’s tastes and budgets. Your vanity will usually dictate the rest of the colors and styles going into your new bathroom. Above all, choosing the vanity is a good place to start with any bathroom remodeling project.

DECORATOR MIRRORS.  There are no rules that say you have to have a traditional medicine cabinet over your bathroom sink. Many people like the idea of replacing a tired old medicine cabinet or an old full wall mirror with one or more decorator mirrors. It is a relatively inexpensive and dramatic upgrade depending on your tastes and where you purchase the mirror from. 

Under Mounted Sink- #4 of 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

 Under mount sinks are a beautiful and unique addition to a bathroom. They are usually combined with a new solid surface counter top such as granite, marble or Corian. And  finally, they create a very upscale look and they make cleaning the counter top easier than a traditional top mounted sink.

QUIET EXHAUST FAN & TIMER. A There are new quiet model exhaust fans and timers. Fans don’t have to roar anymore, there are plenty of very quiet models now to choose from. The inclusion of a timer makes for a great companion to the fan, since they are so quiet it is very easy to leave them running. A timer allows you to simply turn it on and let it run and shut off by itself.This is one of the simplest of the 25 bath remodeling ideas. 

A PEDESTAL SINK. Many people find them very elegant and perfect for a power room where the extra storage space that a traditional vanity provides isn’t a necessity. They also are useful to help make a small bathroom seem larger due to the small amount of space they take up.

NEW FAUCETS. Chrome, brass, nickel, or a combination, no matter what most people want to replace the faucets in a bathroom with new center set or elegant wide spread faucets. Changing the faucets is a simple yet effective way to upgrade your bathroom, dramatically changing the look for not a lot of money.    




Anti-Clog Toilet- #8 of 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

 The new modern designs incorporated in them not only provide a beautiful looking toilet, but because of their revolutionary design. These new toilets can make a big difference since they basically eliminate routine clogs. You can just about throw your plunger away once one of these is installed.

A JETTED TUB. Still one of the most popular upgrades to a master bathroom. This is one of the most impressive of the 25 bath remodeling ideas. Nothing beats having a nice big whirlpool tub to soak and relax 

NEW LIGHTING. Bad lighting is very common place in most bathrooms. A single overhead light bar or even worse some recessed can lights over the vanity are not the ideal lights you want.This is especially true for women who use them to put on make-up and do their hair in the morning. Installing nice side lighting fixes the problem by modernizing the lighting layout.

GRANITE COUNTER TOPS. Nothing is more beautiful than the look of natural granite counter tops for a bathroom vanity.  Granite is expensive but it is unrivaled in the look it creates when you really want the very best. There are literally hundreds of stone selections available and dozens of combinations of edge treatments. 

Grooming Mirror- #12 of 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

 A simple luxury that women find very appealing. Available in many styles and colors. We mount these directly to the wall next to vanity where they can be easily folded up when not in use and easily pulled out when needed. This is one of those upgrades to a bathroom that after experience it you wonder how you ever lived without it before

WALL MOUNTED HAIR DRYER. You don’t have to stay in a luxury hotel to be able to use one of these anymore. They are now available for installations in your bathroom Much safer than a traditional plug in hair dryer because there is no electrical components in the users hand.  Ideal and very safe for a children’s bathroom.

Electric Mirror Defogger

They give you the freedom from wiping or blow drying the mirror; the privacy of leaving the door closed; the flexibility of using the mirror while your spouse showers; and the comfort of relaxing in a warm bathroom. The defogger works with the flick of a light switch, it is a heater that fits unnoticeably behind any mirror. More than one defogger may be used to cover multiple areas.

GLASS VANITY or WALL SHELVES. Adding a few extra designer shelves is an inexpensive way to customize your bathroom and add convince.  Over a toilet, below a mirror, they can be mounted just about anywhere in the bathroom. 


Self Lowering Toilet Seat

That’s not a typo, they really do exist. The seat lowers itself automatically after about 5 minutes (not the lid). This could be one of the greatest marriage saving inventions ever created.

TOWEL WARMERS.Nothing beats a nice warm towel when getting out of the shower. Hard-wired towel warmers are great for giving you warm towels and drying damp towels between uses. They use just pennies of electricity and are great items to really make your master bathroom something special.

Heated Floor- #17 of 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

Adding a heating element to a tile floor is becoming more and more popular with our customer. We always include a programmable thermostat with the installation. In other words  you can set the floor to heat up before you wake up in the morning. And furthermore, you can turn it off while you are away. People who have these custom warm floors rave about how wonderful they have it.

VESSEL SINKS. A very hot item today especially in powder rooms. This is one of our favorites of the 25 bath remodeling ideas.Many people like the style of a vessel sink. It is unique and very contemporary and creates a great feeling of style. There are so many styles to choose from today, from glass to china to wood to concrete that there is a style to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

HIDDEN ELECTRICAL OUTLETS. We can help you get rid of the clutter on your vanity counter tops. With strategically placed and hidden electrical outlets placed behind drawers in your vanity you can plug in hair dryers and curling irons. Then you can put them back in the drawer when you are done with them.Above all, you are able to leave them plugged in. One of our most requested and most popular upgrades.

Vertical Spa- #19 of 25 Bath Remodeling Ideas

The shower has come a long way. Multiple shower heads, body jets, adjustable heads on sliders, these are just a few of the options that are going into new showers. Showers are becoming bigger and bigger and becoming the main focus and topping the list of desired upgrades to most bathroom remodels. We spend more time in the shower than the tub due to hectic and busy life styles so making it as luxurious as it can be is only a natural desire.

DIMMERS. A simple, affordable upgrade that makes a big difference in a master bathroom. This is one of the least expensive bath remodeling ideas. From being able to dim the lights in the morning for sensitive lights to be able to set relaxing mood lighting for just the right atmosphere for a good soak in the jetted tub, dimmers allow complete control of your lighting

CEILING, WALL SPEAKER. Whether you are piping in music from a whole house audio system into the master bath or bringing music in from a dedicated audio receiver, nothing beats having a sound system in the bathroom. You can listen to the news or music in the morning while you are getting ready to start the day, or let music set scene at night for a soak in the tub.

Double Sink

When you have the room, nothing beats his and hers sinks in the master bathroom or the kids room if it is shared between two or more children. We can upgrade a single sink vanity into a double sink one if there is enough room.

SUPPLEMENTARY HEATING.  With the new Broan register heaters we can add supplementary electric heat to a bathroom to keep it nice and toasty. These self-contained units fit into the space between studs in a wall, look just like a heating register and are a cost effective means to warm up a cold space for pennies. We usually couple them with a programmable thermostat so you can set them to turn on before you wake up so your bathroom is nice and warm and waiting for you to start your day.



BATHTUB RESURFACING.  Resurfacing a tub can save a lot of money on a project. Sometimes its just fixing a few chips, other times the entire tub needs to be resurfaced or you want a total color change. Resurfacing is about 1/2 the price of replacing a perfectly good tub that is just in need of a make-over.